Resources for distance learning

The PTA is reaching out to many sources for ways our Noble Knights can fill the days while school is closed. We're here to help each other, and we're all in this together. Hopefully some of these resources will appeal to you.

  • Facebook: We have the standard Facebook PTA page where you can find official information, but there is also a new group called 'Noble Neighborhood Network', which is a place for all Noble Knight families to post information, questions, or requests. Ran out of TP and the stores are bare? Having trouble with the homework that was sent home? Want to arrange a virtual playdate because the kids miss their school? Try this group for help. Only Noble students and their families will be there, so it is a great resource. If you prefer, you can send requests through the admin so as to remain annonymous.

  • The district has a resource page organized by grade to help you get started

  • A parent in the community assembled a website of free resources collected online

  • BUSD Reopening Portal - includes a place to give comments or questions, the district reopening plans, recordings of past town halls, district updates, reopening FAQs, etc.

  • Digital Learning Parent Portal - includes Family Guide to Distance Learning, info on Chromebook or internet access, etc.

  • - This is a list of museums that offer virtual tours.

Please follow the District's updates for the most accurate information as it relates to school closure, meals, and resources.

Please visit the CDC website for further information on the current official recommendations.

Noble Elementary School Websites

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