Noble Elementary PTA

Talent Show: April 16

Join us at 2:30 for a popcorn giveaway, and at 6 for the talent show. Details are at

Next PTA Meeting: April 19

The next PTA meeting is Monday, May 19, at 6:30pm. Please see our Calendar or Meetings pages for details, including the link to the Zoom call. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. Attending the meeting does not obligate you to do anything else. It is a great way to stay informed of plans and activities.

PTA Executive Board elections

Elections for the 2021-22 school year PTA executive board will take place at the April Association meeting. If we can't find a President and Recording Secretary, we will have no PTA next year, which means a lot of programs will be cut. If you have any interest in stepping into a role, please let us know! We have many open positions, including President, Recording Secretary, 1st VP/Fundraising Chair, 2nd VP/Outreach. Email to let us know.

The PTA President has a lot of support with the other Board Leaders, so it is not a position where you have to do everything. Good leaders delegate, and this is no different.

The PTA Recording Secretary takes notes for our Executive and Association meetings, and can help keep meetings from getting off-track.

Our PTA does many amazing things for our students and our school, but we need members to do that. Membership fees help fund a lot of what PTA does, and being a member means you'll be up-to-date on all events and activities. Even though we are social distancing this year, the PTA is determined to make sure every student has the chance at a great year. Please consider being a part of that. The price is low, but the advantage to our school is immeasurable. Being a member also has some other perks (see the Benefits page) that might interest you. Please see our Get Involved page to join. Please note that being a PTA member does not mean you have to attend meetings or commit a lot of volunteer time. There is an FAQ on our What we do page that can answer some of your questions.

If you can't be a member at this time, consider joining our mailing list. This allows us to let you know when PTA events are scheduled, including fun things for the kids to do. Please see our Connect page for ways to connect with us, including the mailing list form. This is a no-pressure way to make sure you hear all our news.

Join our Facebook group

Join our new Facebook group, called Noble Neighborhood Network! This is a private group for Noble families to stay connected during this time of isolation. Currently, parents are sharing lots of resources for learning at home and ways to connect with classmates during this shutdown. This is also a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest school information. You will be asked for your child's grade and teacher when you request to join, so that we can ensure the group is real Noble Knight families.

You can also continue to get information from PTA on Twitter and our Facebook Page, or find our mobile app.