PTA Benefits

Childhood Has No Rewind Button

“Our children cannot go back to school and get another education when times are better and we all have more to give. When the playgrounds are empty and the children are gone, either we will have sacrificed for them, or we have not.” Author unknown

Why get involved? Why donate? What’s in it for me? The Noble PTA makes it possible for our kids to have:

  • Monthly Assemblies
  • Funds for Technology Basics, Instructional aides, Music Programs, Art Programs, a Librarian, and a PE Instructor
  • Laptops, computers, and Projectors in classrooms
  • Playground equipment such as balls, jump ropes, and a NEW Playground
  • Project Cornerstone to increase camaraderie and respect at Noble
  • Teacher grants for classroom curriculum and supplies
  • Enjoyable Community Events such as the Fall Festival, Talent Show, and the Spring Carnival.
  • TerraCycling to teach our students about the value of their Earth
  • And many, many more programs….

Did you know that without Noble PTA (Parent, Teacher Association) our kids would not receive a well-rounded public education? It’s a serious issue, one worth considering: County and state monies do not cover physical education, music and art. The Noble PTA raises money to fund them all. We are also in the classrooms providing an extra pair of hands so that our kids can have the best education! That’s why we need you. Our kids need you.

The Noble Elementary School PTA is the largest and most successful in the Berryessa school district. Proceeds from our school fundraisers have assured that important resources are available at our school. Parent volunteers make sure our kids are academically exceeding.

Without your involvement monetarily or with your participation, these opportunities would not exist for your child. We encourage all parents to get involved in the PTA or one of our events. Please email us at if you would like to help out. Thank you!