Talent Show

April 14th Livestream This is the final, good version of the show, and it will begin at 6pm!

April 9th Livestream The show did stream without audio problems, but the video wasn't very smooth. Thanks to some parents who sent me tips, I have a fix for this issue, so watch the April 14th Livestream instead!

If you log into YouTube, you will be able to add comments live! Remember to be supportive, as all our acts worked hard to bring you this fun show. And you may share this page with friends, family, or anyone you personally know, but please do not post this page on social media. We want this to be a Noble event.

Schedule of Events

6:00 Act 1 (K-3 talents) begins

6:45 Act 2 (4-5th talents) begins


We had some catastrophic technical difficulties with the Livestream stemming from issues with a computer. We have a recovery plan, but couldn't implement it in time to fix the originally promised show time. So the best plan we could come up with was giving up on April 8th. We didn't want to waste everyone's time.

On April 9th, if there are more problems, I will be posting a link to a non-live YouTube show instead. We won't be able to chat live, but you can still comment while you watch. One way or another, there will be a show on April 9th at 6pm!

We will also do a replay LiveStream on April 14th (probably at 6pm, but stay tuned to this page for updates) for anyone who couldn't make the April 9th date.

And I'm truly sorry for all the kids who were looking forward to seeing themselves performing. I love all their acts and wish I could have made that happen for them tonight.