Meeting Notes for November 2014

Hello Noble families,

We missed you this evening at the association meeting, but not to worry I have notes for you!

First, The PTA would like to thank every parent that has taken the time to bring delicious food for our staff and fantastic teachers! They have been working very hard this year and we thank them for their service and educating our children. We thank them and we "Thank YOU too!"

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday with your family!


Renee Jankowksi

Noble PTA Secretary

PTA Minutes November 17th 2014

1. Dinner and Welcome- Call to order 6:32

2. Principals Message-

a. We are in the middle of Conference week and will continue until this end of this week.

b. Most of you know that measure L has passed and we will begin to start the process for implementing school site needs.

c. Nobles focus currently is on safety- we now have a team of 6 team members and we are implementing drills and safety procedures.

we are supposed to do 1 fire drill and 4 earthquake drills a year.

d. I would like to thank the entire PTA for the school site gift - (*If you are interested in the details of this gift please don't hesitate to ask PTA Executive Board members or our Principal)

3. Teachers Message-

a. Thank you, Thank you for all of the yummy food you have so graciously given to our team. We appreciate it very much!

b. conferences are still ongoing.

c. Please do not forget that all week is early release and Please pick up your children in a timely manner, Thank you.

d. Please Keep reading while your children are on vacation and on schedule.

e. Thursday November 20th is Spirit Day- Crazy Hair day! come with crazy hair.

4. Minutes- October Minutes approved

5. Audit Report- Audit went very well, recommendations were made. Any questions concerning audit contact Auditor. * Name and info provided upon request. Audit approved by association

6. Financial Report - Reports approved, expenditures approved.

7. Membership Update- 263 - Higher than last year, thank you!

8. Upcoming events-

a. Big Hero- November 23 AMC - Is currently over sold- we are working on getting a bigger theatre, an announcement will be made this week regarding the capacity and if more seats will be available . Thank you all for signing up!

b. Thanksgiving Break! November 23-27- NO School.

c. Encouraging Literacy Parent Workshop- Tuesday, December 2nd- 8:30-9:30am- Room 5 Learn stragtegies to help your child with literacy. Workshop is Free! Come join us and meet other encouraging parents.

d. Pieology- Fundraiser-December 3rd- a portion will go to noble, you can even order to go! Bring your flyer or show it on your phone on December 3rd- 1095 e. Brokaw rd. #30 San Jose, Ca 95131- Come out to support our Noble school!

e. Ornament night December 12th

f. Reading comprehension- Beyond the 5ws. Parent workshop- Tues, Jan 6th 2015- 8:30-9:30am room 5- Strategies to encourage better and deeper understanding of text while building a larger vocabulary! see what is possible for your child. Workshop is free! Come and meet other parents looking to improve and encourage their children... we have a large community forming join us!

9.Open Forum-

a. Year book- we are currently experiencing a glitch getting passwords for parents to customize their pages, if we can not get the problem fixed soon we may have to sell yearbooks in the same way as last year, we are working on it and we will make an announcement soon regarding ordering and what will be possible this year. Sorry for the delayed communication. We have been taking a lot of photos and have added more categories to better represent more students this year in all categories of learning. Thank you for your patience! We appreciate your kindness.

b. PTA has agreed to do a giving tree this year… Please contact the front office on how to contribute to our wonderful families that could use your help.

c. A parent has also mentioned Innvision as a place to continue good will and giving to those in need.

d. Starting arts- Drama Program - we will be sending out flyers soon regarding sign ups- stay tuned!! Rehearsals will begin in February.

Meeting adjourned