We had such a lovely display last year ...

Last year's Noble Pumpkin display was a welcome treat to the neighborhood. Our Noble Knights were so creative with their decorations. There were pumpkins, signs, balloons, and extras. They were carved, painted, assembled, and otherwise decorated beautifully. And with PTA-provided tealights in, the display was stunning at night, too!

... but we want to make it bigger!

This year we will be displaying pumpkins along the school fence along Noble Ave. It's a bigger area, so we'll need more pumpkins to fill it up. We will be accepting pumpkins and other decorations between 1:15pm and 2pm on Friday, Oct. 29th at the gate on Noble Ave. Please note this is around the corner from the school entrance, as we want to be out of the way for pick-up time. Since there is often a lot of traffic, please consider arriving by foot, or on the later side of the 1:15 craziness.

We also need help making this event work. This is one of the easiest volunteering opportunities we'll have all year. Sign up with the button below, or at https://bit.ly/3n1oMAc