Talent Show

How to watch the Talent Show

Join us live so we can all enjoy the show together on Friday, April 16th! The K-3rd grade video will start at 6pm, and the 4-5th grade video will follow at 6:30 on the same link. If you plan to watch both, just stick around through the short intermission. Chatting is encouraged, as long as you only give positive comments. We want to be a supportive voice for all our students!

  • We had a Livestream Event on YouTube. This is the way we were hoping most families choose to attend, since comments will be captured at the correct point of the video for future reference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MpsWbjQHVU is the link for the livestream replay. You can skip the first 12 minutes because nothing happens until then.

  • If you are having any trouble with the link above, the video (with no live comments) will be at https://youtu.be/8pxZ24E6IJ4 at least through the end of this school year.

Pre-show Festivities

We had a lovely turnaround event with free popcorn for the show. In addition, participants got a signed certificate and a star with their name on it. If you missed this, email sjnoblepta@gmail.com to ask about your certificate and we can make arrangements to get it to you.