Great job Noble Knights! We received 28 fantastic Reflections entries.

Check out your classmate's entries below. A 'drive through' reception will be held on Nov 30 for those that received 1st place and progressed to North Valley Council.

Music Composition

I-Matter-audio - Kelvin Vu.mp3

"I matter" by Katie Vu, 5th Grade

1st Place

Dance Choreography

2020-Reflections-MadelynBrewer - Shanna Brewer.mp4

"This is me" by Madelyn Brewer, 1st Grade

1st Place


I matter

by Saanvi Ranngayyan, 4th Grade

I matter because,I belong in this worldWithout me,Many people’s lives would blurred
I matter because,I can saveThis year,I have to wear a mask and be brave
I matter because,I earned a place hereWith my friends and family,And to be near
I matter because,I belong, I save, I earned If someone says I don’t belong,Then that’s just absurd

Why I Matter

by Danielle Anderson, 5th Grade

1st Place

I matter because I am strongI matter becauseI am smartI matter becauseI am fearlessI matter becauseI am determinedI matter becauseMy family needs meI matter becauseMy country needs meI matter becauseThe world needs me!

I Matter Poem

by Jennica Falls, 5th Grade

I matter because I am still youngAnd the world wants to see what I can becomeKids just like me can make historyAfter all, this is the land of the free
I matter because I am lovedBy my family, my friends And the man up above
I matter because god put me hereThrough sadness, and madness, happiness, and cheer
I matter because I am a sisterA cousin, a niece, a daughter of a mister.
I matter because I can make changeLike the way we treat our environmentAnd the things that are strange Things that are strange such as violent protestingYes, together can put that to resting
I know this may sound like childish chatterBut really, come onWe should all know that we matter

I matter because ...

by Lucas He, 5th Grade

I matter because I need to play soccer everyday. I need to keep practicing my skills to beat my brother and my dad in soccer matches. I matter because my Minecraft mission is still not over yet. I have to kill the ender dragon by building more and destroying. I matter because I still have lots of coding classes to be taken. Actually I’m still at the start of learning Python. I matter because I help to clean my house. I don’t want to sleep with spiders descending above my head. I matter because I still have too many things to learn. Math, language arts, writing , and so on, to tell you the truth, I don’t want to be look like a dumb person. I matter because my cat Happy needs to be fed everyday. He’s been with us for more than 15 years, and he’s really loyal to us. I matter because my dad and mom need to keep track of my height and weight. They are doing all they can to make us very healthy. I matter because my little sister Luna is always looking for me. Every time she’s laughing, screaming, crying, or complaining, she always yells at me “Luuuucaaas....” I cannot imagine even for once she couldn’t find me. I matter because I’m part of my family. My dad and mom told me that when we kids are not at home, the whole house looks empty; and if we kids are gone, they would fall apart and be torn to ashes. I love my brother, my sister, my dad and my mom and my cat. I matter because I love my family.

Because of Love

by Hannah Lee, 5th Grade

I ask myself, “Why do I matter?”I hear a voice inside meBlooming louder and louder It says, “I can change the worldAnd I can help those who are weary,I can be the hope and light when there is none,I matter because I can help those who need me.”Now I know why I matter, I come to a conclusion that I never hadI am created for a reason, And that reason, I do not knowBut since I am createdI can do the most I can to change this worldWho is broken and shatteringI matter because I am kindI matter because I can helpEverything always starts with a simple word:“LOVE”That is why I matter, because I can loveI can love those who cannot love themselvesI can love those who can love themselvesLove is the beginning of this world building up Hand in hand we will stand unitedI matter because…?Because I can love.

Visual Arts

"Forest Friends"

Meghan Hunt, 2nd Grade

1st place

"My vet clinic"

Melissa Hunt, 2nd Grade


Sophia Nguyen, 3rd Grade

"I Matter because of MY FAMILY"

LeAnna Van Vleet, 3rd Grade

"I Can Make a Difference in the Future"

Mila Gumiran, 3rd Grade

"I Matter Because I can Save Trees"

Eoghan McCullough, 4th Grade

"Lots of words"

Luke Carter, 5th Grade

Ryan An - 5th Grade

"Make Every Day Earth Day"

Kara Lee, 4th Grade

Clara Su, 4th Grade

"I matter because I take care of a dog "

Jaden Kress, 5th Grade

"Colors Matter"

Charlotte Kauffman, 5th Grade

Simone Silvestri, 5th Grade

"One in a Million"

Tam Ngo, 4th Grade

"Trapped In Quarantine "

Sophie Ng, 4th Grade

Akshay Arun, 5th Grade


Jacob Mata, 5th Grade

Emmy Brewer - 4th Grade

1st place

"I’m One Of A Kind"

Megan Nelson, 3rd Grade

"I Matter Collage"

Prisha Baruah, 5th Grade