Fall Festival

What you need to know

In order to join the festival, you must register. Click the link here to do so. If you fill out the form later than noon on the day of the Festival, we cannot guarantee we can get you the information you need before the festival starts but we will try. You may register right up until the end of the festival.

Some activities require prep before the festival. Please see the section on 'Getting Ready for the Festival' on this page for details.

The festival will be open from 4:30pm-7:30pm Friday, October 30. Links to the self-paced activities will stay up through the end of the weekend, but all live activities will take place only while the festival is open.

Volunteers Needed!

Parents, please consider signing up for a 30 minute time slot to help with the Festival. We need volunteers to monitor Zoom breakout rooms. You won't need a personal Zoom account, you will just sign into the event's zoom call. Instructions will be given to volunteers ahead of time. In some cases this will entail just keeping the kids somewhat behaved. In other cases, it will mean running an activity. See the Signup page for more information on what help we need.

Getting Ready for the Festival

The following activities require some prep before the festival starts if you want to enjoy them.

  • The Costume Corner - if you want to show off a costume, you will need to have a costume.

  • Roblox Water Park - if you want to play this game, you will need a Roblox account. You can sign up for free at www.roblox.com. It seems like the school-issued Chromebooks will not be able to access this game.

  • Craft Room - if you want to do the crafts, you will need supplies.

      • For Mrs. Ryan's live craft session, you will need:

          • paper (colors if possible, or white paper and coloring implements)

          • Scissors

          • glue stick

      • For the self-paced crafts, there are a variety of supplies and it depends on the craft. Almost all of them need the following:

          • paper (usually they use white, black, and orange, but sometimes pink, red, green, etc. too)

          • glue (often a glue stick will do, but sometimes white glue is better)

          • drawing implements (crayons, pens, colored pencils, etc.)

          • scissors

      • A few of the crafts need the following:

          • pencil

          • googly eyes

          • something to draw a circle on your paper

      • The following items are only needed for one craft:

          • green and brown pipe cleaners

          • black paint

          • empty TP rolls

          • black string

          • black popsicle sticks (can be painted or with a sharpie pen)

Fall Festival Activities

This is a list of activities we would like to provide at the festival. This list is subject to change, and depends on having enough parents to help run the festival. If you are interested in volunteering to host one of these events, or in any other way, please email nobleptacoordinator@gmail.com.

  • Craft Room - During the festival, Mrs. Ryan will host a couple short sessions of Monster Corner Bookmark making. This will be a live Zoom room open at 5:15 and 6:00, for about a half hour each time. To get to this, click Mrs. Ryan's Bitmoji character. Whenever Mrs. Ryan isn't hosting a live event, there will be a self-paced set of YouTube tutorials with various crafts. To get to this, click the picnic bench.

  • Singing with Mr. Diamond - This is a Zoom call that will be open at specific times. Join to sing a song with Mr. Diamond, though everyone else will have to remain on mute. He will be accepting requests via the chat box. To get to this, click Mr. Diamond's Bitmoji character.

  • Costume Corner - This is a Zoom call that will be open for 10 minutes at the top of each hour. During that time, anyone who wants can come show off their costume and see what others have dressed up as. To get to this, click the 'Costume Mayhem' flyer.

  • Dance Party - During the festival, this will be a live Zoom room that is open at specific times. Kids can join the dancing any time while it is open. After the festival, this will be a self-paced set of YouTube videos kids can dance along with. To get to this, click the 'Dance Party' flyer.

  • Picture Room - This is a place to submit pictures of your children at the Fall Festival, or to see other people's pictures. To get to this, click the 'Photo Gallery' sign.

  • Escape Room - This is a self-paced slideshow where the kids can solve puzzles to escape the school. To get to this, click the 'Escape Room' sign. If you'd like to escape with friends during the festival, click the binder on the ground and choose a breakout room that starts with the word 'Meetup', and once you're all there you can all do the Escape Room while chatting with each other.

  • Bingo Hall - This will be a live Zoom room where kids can play Bingo whenever they want. This room will be open for the entire festival. To get to this, click the sign for 'Bingo Hall'.

  • Pumpkins - This will be a slideshow of all the decorated pumpkins that were submitted to the school. To get to this, click the 'Pumpkin Patch' sign.

  • Virtual Field Trips - This is a self-paced set of fun, educational places kids can visit online. These were sent out by BUSD earlier this year. To get to this, click the sign for 'Field Trips'.

  • Zoom Fun Room - This is a live Zoom room where kids can play with Zoom features they're not allowed to use during school hours. Bring your best background, your favorite filter, or your chattiest conversation. You still have to follow the festival rules about respecting others, but all Zoom rules are off here. To get to this, click the 'Zoom Fun Room' flyer.

  • Roblox Water Park - This is a Roblox game played on a private server, so only this link will allow anyone in. This means only Noble families should be able to join. This activity requires that you have a Roblox account, and it looks like it does not work from a school-issued Chromebook. To get to this, click the sign for 'Water Park'.

  • Mrs. Ryan's Virtual Library - This links to Mrs. Ryan's virtual library, where she has links to book readings. To get to this, click the sign for the library.

  • Mrs. Ortiz's Virtual Office - This links to Mrs. Ortiz's virtual office, where she has links to calming videos and book readings. To get to this, click the sign for the Office.

  • Help Page - This is a slide with information if you need help with any festival-related issues. To get to this, click the balloons.