Escrip is Free Money for Noble

Last year, Noble Elementary made over $1700 from escrip Safeway Supermarkets runs this program to benfit schools and its free! You only need to register your Safeway Club Card by November 1st. All you need do is go to and click the box,at the bottom, with the big check mark that says YES to renew now. If you registered your Club Card after August 1st you are already renewed for this school year.

At this time you may also want to review your other credit cards on file to make sure they have not expired. If they have please update them so Noble can still receive the benefit of your expenditures.

If you have never signed up for eScrip and registered any cards, please do so by going to and enter our school ID number:136952390 or find us by our name: Noble Scrip Program. Then the website will prompt you to set up an account.

Please ask your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to register as well!